Cotton grass at Freesendorf grassland

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Monitoring and Nest Protection in spring 2020

wet meadow with electric enclosure in polder Mönkebude


Last year different measures for the protection of our target species led to successful breeding. Descendants and parents have returned to project sites abundantly. Since two years precipation is lacking more and more, so we have started irrigation in two parts of the polders. One pump has left puddles for the pleasure of waders and other animals.

We have built in total 5600 metres of mobile electric enclosures for the protection of clutches in all polder areas and in the Freesendorfer Wiesen. We concentrated on areas abundant of breeding pairs, single nests were extra enclosed or covered with a grid dome. In total 46 pairs of Sociable Lapwing, 7 pairs of Redshank, 2 pairs of Blacktailed Godwit and 6 pairs of Great Ringed Plover are now protected from the access by mammal predators. Luckily we will help some pairs of Avocet and a pair of Oistercatcher too. Final countings will be found in the monitoring report 2020 at our Information site.


nest of a redshank

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