The Great Isle of Wotig has been grazed since centuries

NR Großer Wotig

NR Großer Wotig is an isle in the Peenestrom (a strait connecting Szczecin Lagoon with Bay of Greifswald). The isle is separated from mainland by the Alte Peene river, but connected by a bridge. Its low height of only a few centimeters above mean water level causes frequent flooding. Together with meadows east of Kröslin it was declared a nature reserve in 1990. Its salt marshes are grazed by mother cows which, however, cannot cross some of the tideways. So the reed is dispersing. In our project we will repair tideways and fords to enlarge grazed salt marshes. In 2018 we found only two pairs of Northern lapwing breeding here. Other waders have already vanished. Installation of an electric gate at the bridge as a protection against foxes will help to reduce the impact of predators on breeding waders.

Rising only several centimeters above mean water level, Großer Wotig is frequently flooded. (Photo KP)

Occasionally, breeding Northern Lapwings are observed on Großer Wotig. Other meadow bird species have been elliminated by predators and frequent flooding.