colleagues of the foundation between polder Rosenhagen and NR Anklamer Stadtbruch

LIFE16 NAT/DE/000592

This is our project code for the European Commission.


Office Address

LIFE Limicodra LIFE16 DE/NAT/000592
Dorfstraße 25
17398 Bugewitz

Our office is located in the village of Bugewitz, about 10 km southeast of Anklam and 170 km north of Berlin. We are situated between Rosenhagen and Bugewitz Polders, and adjacent to bog forest Anklamer Stadtbruch.

approaching our bureau

by BIKE: our project bureau is directly situated at Haff-Radrundweg and Radfernweg Berlin-Usedom.

by TRAIN: in Regional train to station Ducherow and then give a call to pic you up

or to FOOT it: a hike of about 5 km through fields and woods eastward to Heidberg then facing north until almost reaching the church of Bugewitz

by CAR: take route B109; from Anklam take left in Neu-Kosenow following the main road; from Pasewalk take right at the traffic lights in Ducherow, direction Ueckermünde and in Heidberg take left for Bugewitz.

Remain on road K50 until roadhouse "Am Mühlgraben", then you leave the main road northward, after half a kilometer you will find the NaturKulturHaus, our bureau and the portal of Nature Park Peenetal.


Executing Organisation

Stiftung Umwelt und Naturschutz Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Mecklenburgstraße 7
D - 19053 Schwerin


Project manager:


Meike Wegener

+49 39726 251 756
+49 151 27 15 63 92

Project assistant:

Judith Kruse

+49 39726 251 756

Site manager Polder sites and NR Cosim:

Kai Paulig

+49 39726 251 755
+49 151 27 134 039

Supervisor of hydraulic engineering measures

Janine Weigelt

+49 39726 251 757
+49 151 18 474 679

Site manager Struck, Freesendorf grassland, Großer Wotig


Christian Schröder

+49 39726 251 757
+49 151 27 146 114