view over polder Rosenhagen and Bugewitz
view over polder Rosenhagen and village of Bugewitz
Freesendorf grassland
Lapwing chicks are disguised
male of Northern Lapwing
Blacktailed Godwit searching for food
Common Redshank (MD)

Protection of Meadow Birds in Coastal areas of Western Pomerania (Germany)

The EU LIFE project Limicodra focuses on the protection of waders breeding on coastal meadows in Western Pomerania (North Eastern Germany). It specifically aims on the improvement of breeding success in salt marshes along the lagoon system (so called Bodden- and Haffküste).

The Acronym Limicodra derives from Limicoles or waders – an order of small to medium-large wader birds – and Odra, the name of the estuary of the river Oder (its western part) into the Baltic Sea – our project area.

The 5 project sites are situated at the southern shore of the Bay of Greifswald, the Peene Stream and the western part of Oder Lagoon. They lie almost entirely within the confines of areas of national or international protection status, within the Nature Parcs Usedom Island and Stettiner Haff and SPAs (Special Protected Areas for the protection of birds).

The project has a lifetime of 8 years and will last until september 2025. Its long lifetime allows optimizing the breeding habitats in several steps, which we consider necessary to allow recolonisation of habitats and  an enlargement of populations. Our experience gained by this project will be used to elaborate a strategy of how to continue our efforts after the project. It can be used for other coastal areas with comparable problems.


Reparation of water ducts in Freesendorfer Wiesen

In september we repaired the water ducts in Freesendorfer Wiesen to provide water flow of flooding in the breeding habitats there.

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Visiting Isle of Großer Wotig

A group of experts from Greifswald Moor Centrum, University of Greifswald and State office for Environment visited in the end of June the Greater Isle of Wotig in the Peene Stream. They were guided by Christian Schröder, our site manager, to see the status quo. Some questions were discussed.

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Presentation of geohydrological studies in polder Bugewitz, Rosenhagen and Mönkebude

The EU LIFE Projekt „LIFE Limicodra“ aims the rescue of meadow breeding waders at the coast of Western Pommerania. To resume all possibilities of habitat restoration we charged the UmweltPlan GmbH with geohydrological studies and modelling for the polders.

The results of the studies were presented and discussed to citizens, farmers and owners on 26.06.2019 in  Bugewitz and 01.07.2019 in Mönkebude.

We would like to thank you for your coming, your questions and suggestions. We were able to take a lot of new information and ideas for ourselves and the project.


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