Rainbow over coastline at Mönkebude polder

Project Sites

The project sites spread along the West Pomeranian coastline between Greifswald lagoon, Peenestrom, Achterwasser of Isle Usedom and Haff Meadows south of Oder/ Szczecin Lagoon. They consist of grazed salt marshes part of which are frequently inundated. In other parts polder grasslands are found where water-level can be regulated.

Sites were chosen in order to develop and test management strategies for the protection of meadow birds at coastal as well as inland marshes.

The setting is situated in three European Special Protected Areas for Birds and three areas belonging to Flora-Fauna-Habitat directive as well as part of three national Nature Parks (Isle of Usedom, At Szczecin Lagoon, Riverine Valley of Peene).

Overview map of Eastern Pomerania
(Map image © Hanse- und Universitätsstadt Rostock (CC BY 4.0) | Map data © OpenStreetMap (ODbL) and LkKfS-MV)