polder Mönkebude in spring 2021

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First countings from polder areas

Student Jasmin at a clutch

Spring season started with cold weather and many breeding pairs.

The water levels are optimally high for the time of year. It's cold, the vegetation is growing slowly and evaporation is not as strong as in previous years. The breeding conditions are optimal in Mönkebude and good to sufficient in the Bugewitz and Rosenhagen polders.

To date in Mönkebude, 21 pairs of lapwing have been breeding inside the protective fence and 3 outside, some of them already have chicks.There are 2-3 pairs of Redshank and 2 pairs of black-tailed godwit. 50-100 ruffs and approx. 40 snipes are present in search of food and on migration. The curlew has now also been sighted.

A lonely couple is breeding in the Rosenhagen polder, exactly where they were last year. So probably the same couple as last year. A total of 3 pairs of lapwing breed in the Bugewitz polder.

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