Cotton grass at Freesendorf grassland

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experience with LIFE Wiesenvoegel in Lower Saxonia

wind pumping station, about 40 years working

The Ochsenmoor south of Dümmer was rewetted since the 1990ies. The ground level sank under the lake water level and is watered by several wind pumping stations and about 50 hand controled weirs. This reveals a great mosaic of different water levels and vegetation types. These measures stopped the drop down of meadow breading species and reversed it. Just predation by mammals brought a relapse. Consequent hunting management with pipe traps and chasing could reduce losses of clutches and chicks.

At the Kehdinger marshes near Freiburg/Elbe we have seen similar measures. Here we found breeding areas between summer dike and main dike as well as in the tide zone.

Well, we know now, what challenges we will meet...

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