polder Mönkebude in spring 2021

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The mobile protection fences in the polders Bugewitz and Mönkebude as well as in the Freesendorfer meadows are in place.

Fence construction Freesendorf meadows under special weather conditions


We start into the new season. As every year, our mobile protection fences are up again in the polders Mönkebude (2 pieces) and Freesendorfer Wiesen. In the polder Bugewitz we have adapted the fence better to the game passage, so that the wild boars can no longer run around the fence and possibly get caught, which has never happened before. The Bugewitz polder is developing and more and more lapwings are taking to the area, so this year we put up a fence in two places. Again, the nature parks and volunteers helped us with the work. After erecting the fence in the Freesendorf meadows, we took a look at the former breeding areas of the Dunlin and thought about what we could improve there.


Survey of former Dunlin breeding areas, Struck

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