Cotton grass at Freesendorf grassland

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Excursion to Sweden

geese and cattle through a lense
LIFE Limicodra with Susanne Forslund of Kalmar Länsstyrelsen

At the end of september with early autumn weather we toured southern Sweden to see wader projects at Kristianstad, Öland and Falsterbo.

In biosphere reserve Vattenrike we learned a lot of hydrological situation and meadow management from Hans Cronert. He showed us H°aslövs Ängar, a peninsula in lake Hammersjö what is flowed through by Helge river towards the Baltic Sea.

Öland island is the place for former LIFE project Meadows and wetlands of Öland (2000-2004) that was presented by Susanne Forslund. We have seen a lot of different meadows types and were impressed by the geological features and especially by the hunting methods of Magnus Johansson for predator birds .

Last but not least we got to know more successful methods of protection for meadow breeding birds near Falsterbo bird station. P.G. Bentz showed us some highlights of recent bird migration and methods for recolonization of Avocet.

From our trip from northern shore of Baltic we took many suggestions for our project and thank a lot our guides Susanne, Hans, Magnus and P.G.

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