polder Mönkebude in spring 2021

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More vision for lapwing near Bugewitz


In December, poplars were removed from the edge of the Bugewitz polder. At the moment, several pollarded willows are receiving urgently needed care here and in the Rosenhagen polder. All this not only benefits the meadow nesting birds. There are now fewer hiding places for predatory mammals and fewer places for aerial predators such as crows, buzzards and other species, all of which like to help themselves to the nests and chicks of the lapwing and redshank. However, the removal of the poplars and maintenance of the pastures also has positive effects for the local people and farmers. Many trees were diseased, have already fallen in the summer of 2022 or are threatened with this fate in future storms. They then block paths and agricultural areas and have already had to be cleared. Now the biomass is being used to generate energy.

There is more on this topic in an article from the Nordkurier from 04.01.2023:





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